deNovo Partners

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

We provide independent advice in connection with strategic M&A transactions. Our senior bankers work closely with our clients to analyze, formulate and achieve their strategic and financial objectives, and lead the execution of complex and unique transactions

  • Potential M&A deals comprise of sell-side, buy-side and merger and divestiture mandates, including public and private, regional and cross-border, and majority and minority stake sales/acquisitions
  • We design bilateral processes, auctions or dual-track processes, as required by the specific transaction

We highly value a rigorous intellectual, innovative and creative approach to achieve our clients’ objectives, which is based on years of international and regional transactional experience and adapted to the unique situation of each mandate. Our advisory scope includes:

  • Meticulous process design and project management from preparation to closing, including coordination and management of lawyers, accountants, consultants, buyers, sellers, regulators, media and other third parties
  • Rigorous management of due diligence process
  • Detailed and multifaceted valuation analyses, incorporating transaction-specific intricacies
  • Prepare marketing materials and guide management throughout the marketing process
  • Design and lead negotiation process, strategy and tactics
  • Analyze and create legal and financial transaction structures optimized to achieve the desired goals
  • Manage and coordinate optimal financing structure for the particular transaction (See also “Financing & Capital Raising” section)